Renewing Minds Consulting

While there are many coaching services out there, we focus on the client, on what matters most to them beyond reaching set goals. Our coaching is neuroscience-based and will touch both the hearts and the minds of the candidates for forward-thinking actions. Our services include all areas of coaching from Executive Coaching to Cross-Cultural Coaching and Team Coaching.


Each Executive Coaching comes with 12 Coaching sessions and is to be completed within 3 months. From setting your goals to the completion, our executive coaches will walk you through each step, stretching and challenging you to arrive at your destination.
We will get you there
We shorten your
learning curve

The First 12 Weeks ™

Now that you have spent on the hiring, how fast can your candidate play out his role? Instead of spending a year to figure out the company's culture, this First 12 Weeks ™ Coaching program will shorten his learning curve. Our trusted coach will take your candidate through 12 sessions of intensive coaching to get him up and running in no time.


We usually offer Team Coaching to our client after a Team Effectiveness Event or as part of the Cultural Transformation Journey of the organisation. Team coaching is enormously powerful in sustaining the team’s morale and sense of belonging. We will bring them to the next level!
We elevate your team’s effectiveness
We help you build trust
in your communication


In a globalised environment, you have attracted diverse and creative talent from around the world. How quickly can you unlock their potentials to work with the local culture? Once the right chord is struck, the trust relationship is built. We will take your expat candidate on a 6 Sessions of Cross-Cultural coaching over a period of 2 months to bring him up to speed. Check out also our Cross-Cultural Training for all employees.