Renewing Minds Consulting

We are definitely in changing times with the pandemic still lurking and forcing us to reimagine the way we work and manage our Human Resources. Buzz words like New Normal and Work From Home are here to stay. Is your current organisation culture able to sustain this?​

Are you a Start-Up looking for a Right Start Culture or an existing organisation looking at improving the current culture? If this does not get fixed, it will eventually erode and you will cease to exist.
We have tools and methodologies to ensure you have an end-to-end learning journey that is powerful, resulting in an impactful workforce.
Are you communicating effectively? Coaching is a skill that can be learned to improve the company’s culture to accelerate quick wins. Do your managers know this skill?
We provide specific coaching services for managers. We also train managers how to coach.
Learning beyond the classroom and virtual platform. You can achieve Learning and Development in many ways that are engaging and motivating.
We co-create with our clients with blended learning approaches to accelerate learning with better returns on the ROI.