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Each of our experts in their field will bring in their expertise to ensure that our client’s solution is the best fit. Our associates and collaborators share the same DNA with us with a common view of seeing our client achieve their goals. Discuss your needs with us and we will take it from there.

Our Coaches and Experts

Aaron Yong
Aaron founded Renewing Minds with the aim to help individuals and organisations to stay relevant in the marketplace. Though having 37 years of HR experience up to a regional level, he continuously re-imagines ways to provide sustainable solutions to his clients. He is actively coaching executives of all levels while being consulted for organsational culture transformations. He is passionate both in and out of the classroom. He travels extensively and that has widened his horizon in people and culture. He lives an active lifestyle and does Stand Up Paddle and video editing to keep his mind active.
Dirk began his Objective and Key Result (OKR) strategy coaching career 6 years ago by applying the OKR framework in his company with over 100 employees. The OKR framework helped him to open 18 gyms in 5 different countries and create high-performing teams. For more than 6 years, he has helped organisations in performance strategies, goal setting, and business development in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US.
With over 15 years in HR/Payroll consulting and software integration, Weilies is the right person to be the partner as Solution Architect to elevate your organisation’s workforce performance. He is our expert in implementing the AirWorkz HRIS platform. striving to connect people and productivity. To date, his unique and one of its kind solution has served more than 80,000 users worldwide.
Matthew comes with a decade of marketing digital and B&M international brands experience. His specialises in Consultancy, Entrepreneurship, Brand Creation and Marketing, graphic designer, website, and software developing. Matthew is a digital nomad, having left the UK in 2019 with his family, he now runs multiple businesses from his laptop – wherever he goes. As a global nomad, the world is his learning field and cultural experience. These exposures have enlarged his outlook with his interaction with people of different culture, language, and way of doing businesses. He lives an active life and loves rock climbing and rowing.
Grace has a very interesting cross-cultural background. Born in Malaysia, she is married to an Australian and is now living in Scotland. Grace’s life experience cross culturally and the love for people has made her who she is today. Being formally trained in Coaching and Counselling from the University of Aberdeen, she has already clocked in more than 10 years of coaching with many executives from MNCs – oil & gas industry to name a few. She is currently serving her clients mainly in Europe as well as other global locations. She has her own practice in Scotland helping clients heal from trauma and mental health difficulties.

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