Renewing Minds Consulting

Even before the pandemic, we have already introduced a blended approach to the Learning & Development solutions. We work with our clients to develop an approach that will best fit their company. Speak with us for solutions that will bring you the best ROI.


With the advent of technology, many jobs will cease to exist. New Future Skills will be sought after. Stay ahead of the impending change. Prepare your existing workforce to be equipped with these future skills if you want to have a competitive advantage. We use a blended approach of online and offline to train in these skills.

Creativity & Ambuguity

Creativity is about how you can navigate yourself out of the challenge you are in by leveraging on the resources around you. You take ambiguity and embrace the change that is in front of you and ask : What can be done?

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in the whole brain function. The gratification of the digital world can impede EQ building. If you master EQ competencies, you will make better choices, build stronger relationships, have a confident outlook and direction in life.

Active Learning

The minute we stop learning new things, we will be left behind. Learning actively should be enjoyable and challenges the mind to stay alert and relevant. It regenerates the brain and keeps Alzheimer’s disease away.

Analytical Thinking

People get stuck when they only apply one side of the brain. With analytical thinking skills, you will be able to make rational choices over emotional ones in decision making. This skill, when used in moderation, will open doors of opportunities.

Cultural Intelligence & Diversity

Something not taught in your MBA but so relevant today in a globalised and borderless world. We are living and working in a more and more multi-cultural space. Cultural intelligence is imperative and a competence well sought after by MNCs.

Optimism & Resilience

When all odds are against you, do you have the resilience to stay optimistic? You can acquire this competence by learning and practicing it. Pack this into your survival kit.

Embracing Change

The speed of Change will only get faster. Embracing it means taking on what is in front of you and turning it into an opportunity. Master this skill and stay ahead in life and at work.

Entrepreneur Mindset

This is not just about finance. It is an attitude towards being profitable in whatever you do. It is the art of re-imagining ways of making anything sustainable, scalable and profitable.

Relationships Building

Building work relationships in cyber space is even more challenging but essential in a digitally connected work environment. This learned skill will accelerate your success for now and beyond.


We have a variety of outdoor and indoor events designed to bring the team together in a fun and intellectual way to improve Team Effectiveness. We use mobile apps in these activities to go green. One of our best seller is The Heritage Malaysia series. Other themes are always added from time to time. Contact us for more details.


The Pandemic has brought a lot of changes and challenges for our clients to have Team Effectiveness Events. Since then, we have created numerous Virtual Games for our clients for ZOOM platform. These games are facilitated by some of our best Facilitators with a lot of interactions with the participants. The games are highly engaging and fun. It can be customised to any group size (the largest we had was almost 400 participants). As this is online, it is a good add-on for Virtual Regional Conferences. - can be played in 2 hours. There are several themes to choose from. These hybrid games can also be played face-to-face in a classroom setting as well. Contact us for more details.